Four ultimate Email Marketing tips everyone should know about

Recent network boom has reduced the communication barriers and this has provided a great opportunity of marketing via email on the Internet. Email marketing is now used as the most efficient way to communicate with the current potential customers and people interested in products or services. On the Internet you can find thousands of tips that you can adopt to make your email marketing strategy more beneficial than ever. However, we have condensed them to only four tips, which you should always follow to get all the benefits one can get through email marketing.

Tip 1: You Should Know What You Want to Do

Make a clear image in your mind about what you want to achieve through email marketing. Do you want to publicize your products? Do you want to increase your sales? Are you willing to broadcast your discount schemes? Do you want people to know about the event you are going to organize? Whatever may be the reason, you should always know the purpose. This way you can only draft your strategy easily, and can have lesser attempts in finalizing your email templates.

Tip 2: Check Your Contact List

For getting your email marketing campaign successful, you should always check your entire contact list before sending out any batch. This must be done periodically, so that you can be sure, that the email addresses you are trying to send your information does exist. This way you can verify email addresses to be alive and can be sure about the validity period too, as at times email address does exist but the messages bounces back.

Tip 3: Check Relevancy before Targeting

At times it does happen that the email address is correct, and the email format is also correct, but the person whom you are targeting is no more using that email address. This scenario is most common with corporate email addresses. Like someone subscribed to your list through his company’s email address, but then someone else took his position, so now is this new person interested in your emails or not? For checking this out you must include link of un-subscription at the end of each email, and should regularly conduct surveys and take feedbacks from recipients about the quality of emails you are sending out. Those who are getting the emails, and their old position holder used to be interested, can easily tell you that whether they are interested too or not. This way you can be prevented from law suits and spamming.

Tip 4: Acquire Permission

Before sending out large volumes of emails, you should get permission before sending them. This can be achieved through free distribution of white papers in which you can display some information and at the end can display link to the opt-in form. This tip will help you in legal ramifications.

Khurram Zaveri is the owner of Spryka Inc, an application development firm dedicated to providing valuable email marketing and personal finance software for business and personal use.

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