Email Marketing Solutions and the Grand Opening Bar

In tougher economic times email marketing solutions is the best way to drive repeat business for your brand new bar. Whether you plan to open a karaoke bar, or are planning to operate a sports bar email marketing solutions is pivotal in garnering you greater repeat business. By providing the promotions that your customers will be likely to associate to, in store or online, your new customers will sign-up for you newsletters and promotions, attracting them to your bar more frequently and therefore making them a “lifer”.

The best way to start attracting people to begin signing up for your email marketing solutions campaigns is to make your promotions available and visible upon entering your bar. By providing a large colorful sign with a sign-up sheet or business card raffle box, you can have people sign up to receive promotions such as, free pitchers, or 2 for 1 wings, free swag, etc. Including your wait staff in on the promotions will increase the amount of sign ups. Bringing sign-up forms in the form of comment cards with promotional offers to the table; or asking if the guests – at the end of their meals – want to sign-up for future promotions on future visits; will encourage your customers to return and become regulars.

If you have a web sign-up box, then another amazing feature that email marketing solutions can offer you is a web sign up box. The top-ranked email marketing solutions software offers this free as part of your free trial and regular account status. In most cases all you have to do is cut and paste the web sign up code so that your web designer can ensure it is placed on your web site. It is very easy to do and takes little time to accomplish and the results are that any one that is viewing your site has the opportunity to sign-up for your promotions and newsletters on line.

Once you have your contact list, it is simply a manner of putting together a catchy email marketing solutions newsletter or promotion reminding the customers of the great time that they spent at your bar. The more effective email marketing solutions companies provide you with hundreds of templates to choose from that are neatly organized and ready populate. All you need to do is get some digital images of your bar (make sure the pictures really show off the things that the people coming are going to be attracted to), get your content text together and you can be sending out in minutes.

Keep in mind that if at any point you have questions about email marketing; the more highly considered email marketing solutions software will always have live telephone support as well as 24 hour email support to help you put together the best campaign for you needs.

Email marketing solutions will help remind your first time customers that they loved the atmosphere and good fun of your bar. So once you get them in the door, the first time your doors open, make sure you use email marketing solutions to keep them coming back. It’s easy to use, and cost effective and can turn your local bar into a local success no matter what kind of bar it is. email marketing solutions will help all eat drink and be merry!

Rudy Barell is a Senior Account Executive with, the complete email marketing solution trusted by Karaoke bars everywhere. Try the feature packed email marketing solutions solutions today with a no-risk free trial.

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