5 Ways To Sabotage Your Email Marketing Campaign

As you are building a list for your online business you’ll want to initiate an email marketing campaign designed to acquaint and familiarize yourself with your email list members. As new members subscribe to your list you should have a follow up email sent out immediately to thank and welcome them.

As much effort as you put into your list building you also need to realize that there will be a certain percentage that will eventually opt out. This is just a normal occurrence that can be expected. With that said you’ll want to avoid accidentally doing something that will encourage any of your remaining email list members to unsubscribe.

Managing and nurturing your email leads is just as important as generating new ones so care and consideration should be focused here.

Here are 5 common mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order to maintain, grow, and prosper from your email marketing list:

#1 Relentless Sales Pitches

Ease up on the sales pressure when making contact with your email leads. Not every email you send out should be selling something. Remember the importance of developing a good relationship with your email list. By simply supplying informative and useful content without attempting to sell anything you will be able to build their trust and loyalty quicker. The more time you spend nurturing this relationship with your list the easier and more effective future sales efforts will be.

#2 No Spamming

Any contact information you have on your email marketing list generally should be the result of your OWN list building efforts. Attempting to purchase or otherwise procure a list you can market to puts you in danger of sending unsolicited email. Not only will you for the most part be wasting your time and efforts but you will also aggravate plenty of people.

#3 Avoid Inflammatory Topics

In your correspondence with list members it is good practice to address topics that are of interest to them: by doing so you increase the chances of them reading your emails. However it is also wise to avoid subject matter that could produce ‘overly passionate’ reader responses leading to alienation between yourself and any email list members.

#4 Make Unsubscribing Easy

Always provide the ability for each email list member to unsubscribe with every email they receive. As we spoke of earlier you will experience a ‘natural attrition’ in your list membership and this is no big deal. In fact insure that those who do want to opt out have that option and make the process simple for them. Once a request to unsubscribe has been sent honor it and move on. Any email sent thereafter to this person is regarded as spam.

#5 Don’t Promote Inferior Products

Both your reputation and your list member’s satisfaction hinge on the quality of products you promote to them. People subscribe to your list and stay members due to their curiosity, interest, and satisfaction. If you fail to arouse or fulfill these feelings within your members consistently they’ll likely unsubscribe. If you consistently represent a product that does NOT deliver as advertise you will quickly develop a bad reputation.

As you can see an email marketing campaign is not necessarily an ‘open season’ to continually badger list members with sales promotions. There is a measurable amount of relationship building involve as well. You can however build a responsive and growing list much quicker if you avoid the 5 aforementioned common mistakes we covered here. As it is said ‘the money is in the list’ so treat yours like the valuable online business asset it is.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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