Some of the most popular Internet Marketing Stories You Might want to Check

Last week has been super exciting for Internet Marketing. Hype of Facebook IPO, Zynga copying the game and lot more. And it’s quiet obvious you must have missed something.

Here are some of the most popular Internet Marketing stories you might want to check and refer.

More backlash against Backpage as founder’s son calls for end to sex ads

The youngest son of Village Voice co-founder Norman Mailer is calling on the executives of the company to preserve the legacy of the company that his father worked hard to build and, once and for all, pull the plug on the adult advertisements on, the company’s online classifieds site.

Socail Media Changed Medical Advertising

The info-graphic by MDG Advertising displays how much stock professional marketers put in Social Media. The question is, do you have as much Social Media in your marketing diet as the professionals?

Article Marketing Is A Fantastic Tool That Can Help You Make Money Online Today

There are two distinct ways that you should use article marketing. First, you should be placing on your site regularly updated unique content that is relevant to the keywords that you are targeting. This material cannot be taken directly from another site, because the search engines will detect it, and they will penalize your site for it.

5 Quick Steps to Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Have you created your own Google+ profile and Google+ business page? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of searches and leads towards your business or website. As Google is now a dominating and key player in the rapidly evolving landscape of Internet marketing, it’s a great move to create your own Google+ business page and optimize it for your target market.

Search Ranking Factors 2012 Discussion – Published at Portent, an internet marketing company

Search engine results have changed dramatically. Today, which websites get top rankings depend on very different signals than in the past. So much so that what we once considered the whole of SEO is now only a small portion. Here are some of the factors affecting search engine optimization today.

Was Google Caught in a Sting Operation in Kenya?

According to this post, Google was caught scraping Mocality, calling the listed businesses, soliciting that they move to Google “Get Your Business Online”, disparaged the directory they were scraping in the client call, and then lied about having the permission of the directory they were scraping to try to con businesses into working with Google.

Twitter Censorship: Necessary Evil or War on Freedom of Speech

In a blog post late last week, Twitter announced plans to begin censoring users’ tweets within certain countries. The censorship policy, which the company has stated is reactive only, will not filter tweets before they appear on Twitter.

Blogging Declines in Inc. 500 Survey

The past few years have been one of severe upheaval in the marketing world. As we continue to shift from the traditional world of marketing to a mix between the ways of marketing from the past 20 or so years and the digital / social media environment the landscape shifts regularly.